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The Northern Uganda Regional Development Forum (NURDEF) is a collaborative effort that brings together twenty-nine (29) districts, three (3) Cities and Three (3) municipal councils in their capacities as Local Governments (LGs) to support the development of Northern Uganda. The collaborative initiative is anchored on the Uganda 1995 Constitution (Articles 187) and the 1997 Local Governments Act (Section 8), which provide that two or more districts can cooperate for purpose of development. The collaboration idea was originally developed by a few District Chairpersons in Northern Uganda and shared with Office of the Prime Minister and the United States Agency for International Development USAID/Uganda who both supported the arrangement and nurtured the development of the Forum.


“Northern Uganda that is economically Prosperous and Peaceful with a High Quality of Life for its People”


“Structural Transformation leads to long-Term Sustainable and Inclusive Socio-Economic Development in Northern Uganda”

NURDEF Financing Framework

The Northern Uganda Strategy and Investment Plan aims to attract resources from government, the Private Sector, Investors and the Development Partners. It calls for and encourages the involvement and participation of the local community and its leadership in development programs. The District Local Governments and NURDEF will initiate the proposals to the Ministries, the Private Sector, Investors and Development Partners on an annual basis. Other proposals initiated in the region from symposiums and project development events will also be flagged in the NURDEF forum. The different actors will then be able to choose the projects for implementation.

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The Key Pillars of NURDEF Investment Plan

Northern Uganda Strategy and Investment Plan (NUSIP) has been developed with a focus on addressing the regional imbalances and inequity particularly in the sub-regions where income poverty has worsened and persisted relative to the national average.   The investment plan sets out a comprehensive scheme for inclusive economic growth and development in Northern Uganda. It aims to reduce income poverty by half by 2024 / 2025 in these sub regions through investment in value addition of selected high value commodity/ enterprises based on agro-ecological zones and tourism potentials in the region.