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A successful LG leaders orientation tour of West Nile- 11 districts covered

The Leaders orientation in the West Nile Region was completed as scheduled with meeting successfully conducted on 9th, 10th and 11th in Nebbi, Arua City and Moyo Distict respectively. . A total of 52 (Nebbi 16; Arua 17 and; Moyo 19) participants attended the meetings. In all the three sites, NURDEF was privileged to have the meetings opened by the Chairmen and Mayor of the Host districts and City. Coincidentally, all the hosting LCVs and the Mayor of Arua City were part of the NURDEF journey and therefore spoke with authority and appeal to their fellow leaders to join the process of rallying support for the organization, including paying their subscription fees.

Clock-wise: Nebbi, Arua and Moyo leaders in pictures

The Local Government leaders agree that,

NURDEF Visions and missions blends well with NDPIII especially the focus on Agri-led infrastructure development-meaning NURDEF complements rather than contradict government work.

The Four Pillars of NURDEF are well selected and are the areas N. Uganda needs to focus on to realize development for its people

The leaders’ orientation was well thought as many leaders are new and should be helped to know more about NURDEF to be part of it

NURDEF provides that much needed link between the people, local leaders, CSOs and Central govern functionaries

NURDEF can facilitate harmony between development actors

NURDEF can be a platform to share experiences across districts and sub-regions to facilitate adoption of best practices

NURDEF comes at the right time to put Northern Uganda at the same footing with the rest of the country by supporting the implementation of key identified projects

NURDEF was seen to be a facilitative entity to create collaborative efforts and linkages of Government and development actors, but NURDEF pointing development actors where their efforts should be spent.

The leaders argued NURDEF to increase community engagement especially on government policies through structured Barazas.  This calls for building collaborations with different institutions to address community needs.

The Key highlights of the resolution from West Nile

NURDEF should be an advocacy and lobby instrument that should invest in research to understand the issues affecting the member districts and the sub-regions.

NURDEF should foster accountability and support districts to have the capacity and modalities to improve budget performance and subsequently up service delivery

NURDEF should actively be involved in the implementation of the Parish Development model, especially at the supervisory and advisory level

The Speakers of each districts and Cities should be included as members of the General Assembly and, should be offered slots in the Steering Committee as they are key in policy Making and resource mobilization

The Secretariat should urgently embark on monitoring and documenting challenges of services delivery in the Region

There is need for NURDEF Secretariat and the SC to afford attending at least 1 council meeting a district to help socialize NURDEF better and also rally support of the lower level structures closest to the people

NURDEF should take up some major projects in the Investment Plan that pertains to all the 3 sub-regions. This may include mind-set change projects; those projects associated with building capacity of Local Governments and CSO to function better and; land registration issues. However, this should be informed by assessment of the needs.

NURDEF Vision bearers who have not been re-elected should be maintained to ensure continuity. This can be through absorption of some of the resourceful members into the auxiliary structures provided for under the article of association such as the Advisory Committee and even the technical structure that will be constituted at the Secretariat

Leaders pointed out issues associated with broken social protection systems which needs to be urgently addressed to save the youth from wasting away

NURDEF should unify politicians and technocrats to work in harmony.

Shorten the terms of office for the NURDEF Steering Committee to allow more rotation and promote innovative leadership

Implement a regional score card with clear parameters of assessment to enhance performance of districts

Conduct learning and benchmarking tours to areas of good performance and practices to support capacity building of districts in specific areas

Consider working with sister organizations and Agencies (UNBS. UNRBS and URA) to ensure consumer protection and improve quality of goods and services.

NURDEF should work closely with Sub-Regional entities such as WENDA in West Nile and the Press to ensure inclusive growth

NURDEF should engage closely with the MSNU and Speaker of Parliament to reach out to some key stakeholders within Government

NURDEF should provide technical support to lower local Governments in the implementation of the Parish Development model

NURDEF should support capacity building of leaders to effectively appreciate budgetary allocation and service delivery monitoring roles including accountability

NURDEF should support the land registration process by engaging with Humanitarian organizations to reach most in need



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