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Improve Infrastructure

If human and physical infrastructures are improved then advancement in other sectors will be unlocked to promote increased private sector investment, productivity, jobs, and increased income levels.

Infrastructure Constraints 
  • Inadequate public financing
  • Lacking sufficient:
  • Electricity for private sector investment,
  • Roads for access to markets,
  • Water for production for
  • Expertise for infrastructure planning
  • Inadequate private financing   
  • Expand water for production approaches
  • Improve rural electrification and renewable energy for households and production
  • Infrastructure for education and health is improved
  • Infrastructure for transport and communication is improved  
Potential activities 
  • Reservoirs, rainwater harvesting, valley tanks, treadle pumps, etc.
  • Rural electrification programs & solar for households
  • Rehabilitate health & education facilities
  • Assess roads & communication for strategy upgrades